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18Nov 2015
Nov 18, 2015

10 Top Tips for Creating Innovative Packaging Designs [Infographic]

Package design plays a critical role in the decision-making process of consumers, serving as the “attention grabber” that piques the buyer’s interest and convincing them whether or not to actually make a purchase.

Get inspired to create a unique design that will really help set your product apart from the rest – whether on the shelves or online – by following these top 10 packaging design tips.


1. Evaluate Several Ideas Before Choosing One

Don’t be hasty when choosing a design idea – it’s a process that takes a commitment of time and effort. Do some research and hold a brainstorming session to come up with several ideas, then narrow it down to a few favorites.

To really increase your chances of nailing the perfect design, find out what your consumers are looking for. By matching the packaging qualities to what your target market wants, you’ll assure consumers that your product is the right choice for them.

2. Know the Product’s Competition

As a guide during your team’s early production process, look at the types of packaging designs that have worked for your most successful competitors. Studying all aspects of the design – its physical components, the materials that were used, and the messaging presented – will help you hone in on the most viable packaging designs for your product.

The key is to remember to use these winning design examples as guidance only – you don’t want your packaging to closely mirror that of a competitor. Otherwise, you product will end up blending in, rather that standing out.

3. Incorporate Current Trends

Analyze the most recent trends to ensure your product is relevant and will appeal to consumers. And if the latest design trends don’t quite fit your brand image or target audience, find out how you can incorporate some aspects of them and make them more “you”.

4. Make the Consumers Laugh

By using designs that make your consumers laugh, you can help create an emotional connection with them while providing some entertainment – and this can certainly help build consumer loyalty.

If your product isn’t very exciting in and of itself, having packaging that gives consumers
a chuckle may just be the extra boost they need to pick your product over the one sitting right next to it.

5. Always Be Honest

Packaging must be completely transparent. It should never mislead the customer in any way – if it does, it will only lead to a negative brand image and loss of business in the long run. While you want to represent your product in the best way possible, it needs to be done honestly.

6. Integrate Beauty

Looking at, buying, and using beautiful things tends to make people feel good. Keeping this in mind, use your package design to give consumers a “feel good” first impression that makes them want to have and experience the product that awaits inside. Enlist the help of an artist to create a beautiful packaging design that will fit your brand and best communicate your message.

7. Make the Packaging Durable

While aesthetics are an important component of packaging and greatly help to grab the attention of consumers, durability is a critical component that can’t be ignored.

When packaging is durable and stands the test of time, it will not only protect your product until it’s in the hands of your customer, but it will enhance the consumers’ perception of your product’s value.

8. Use the Product as Part of the Package

Though not possible with all products, if you’re able to show off some of your product as part of the overall packaging, go for it! Studies have actually shown that consumers are more likely to buy a product if they can see it – even just a tiny bit of it.

9. Create a Reusable Package

Creating a package that can be reused can significantly help reduce waste – something that is becoming important to more and more consumers. However, since this option can get a bit pricey, you’ll want to find out if it will be worth the investment.

Before committing to this type of design, get feedback from your customers first! If they’re not actually going to reuse the packaging, it may be best to forego option.

10. Consider Eco-friendly Materials

As many consumers are becoming more concerned about how the products they buy
impact the environment, they’re opting for products with eco-friendly packaging. Developing eye-catching packaging designs that are made from eco-friendly materials can provide many benefits, such as increased sales and greater customer satisfaction.

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