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Custom Contract Packaging

Do you have a product that you need to get to market?

Need packaging that is secure, durable, and promotes your brand?

Looking for a contract packaging company that can meet your needs in a timely manner, while being competitively priced and providing the highest quality products and services?

Contract Packaging Design
Contract packaging services are a primary focus of MSL Packaging & Fulfillment.

As your contract packaging partner, we work diligently to ensure your project meets quality assurance standards, is completed in alignment with your schedule, and is cost effective.

We understand that the relationship between each packaging component is critical to the success of the overall packaging service operation, as well as the overall supply chain effectiveness.

This is why we guarantee to deliver on all four key elements of a successful packaging partnership – flexibility, accuracy, information, and process – for every product and every project.

The Best Contract Packaging Resources

There are many advantages to partnering with us for your contract packing needs.

You’ll have access to the best contract packaging resources, without having to be concerned about issues such as: obtaining access to production facilities, having in-house knowledge, investing in equipment, training personnel, and more.

As your contract packaging partner, we serve as an extension of your company, providing the labor, equipment, location, and expertise necessary to provide the best packaging for your products.

Contract Packaging Services

Contract packaging is part science, part art, utilizing the latest technology and innovations.

It not only is essential for containing and protecting your products, but also plays an important role in selling them.

When done properly, packaging will truly help bring your brand to life.

We offer the following contract packaging and assembly services:

  • Blister Packaging
  • Clamshell Sealing
  • Club Store Packaging
  • Kitting & Multi-Packing
  • Labeling
  • Media Packaging
  • Poly Bagging
  • POP Display
  • Re-Casing & Rework
  • Shrink Packaging

Work With Us

Our experience, knowledge, capabilities, industry relations, and high-quality standards make us one of the best and most reputable contract packaging companies around.

We serve the following industries:

  • Private Label
  • Healthcare
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Electronics and Media
  • Household Hardware

Ready to work with a contract packaging company that will consistently deliver your product, packaged to specification? Contact us today to discuss partnering with us for your contract packaging needs.