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Clamshell Packaging Ensures Security & Visibility

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment offers design, assembly, and sealing of radio frequency (RF) and mechanical closure clamshell packaging.

We can assist you with all of your packaging needs, as well as distribution and fulfillment, and value-added services, such as labeling, bar code design, and point of sale display assembly.

What is Clamshell Packaging?

Clamshell PackagingA clamshell package is an innovative way to bring products to your customers.

The packages are secure and protected, but easy to remove and use without the need for additional tools.

Clamshell packing is one of the best options you have for presenting your products to consumers.

Not only does it look great, it also makes the product easy to display and ensures it will arrive in your customer’s hands clean and damage-free.

What is Radio Frequency in Packaging?

Radio Frequency (RF) clamshell packaging utilizes radio waves directed through multiple layers of plastic (PET, PETG, or PVC) to ensure the highest possible level of security and protection without interfering with the visual impact of your products. Customers are able to view the product without any risk to the security or stability of the packaging.

A clamshell pack can be custom-designed and molded to fit the precise dimensions you want for the best appearance. MSL is happy to work with you to create the perfect design for your package, ensuring it is attractive to customers and secure for display.

What are Mechanical Closures?

A manual mechanical closure device makes it possible to create a semi-secure package for both shelf and hang-hook displays. The end result is a highly visible graphics presentation that does not interfere with the viewing of the product itself. Consumers have as much access to the product as possible without putting the product at risk for damage before it is purchased.

Though this option offers many of the same benefits as RF packaging, it is available for a more cost-effective assembly rate.

Packaging Options to Meet Your Needs

No two products are exactly alike, which means you need to find the right packaging option for your item. Not only can we help you design something that is perfectly suited to the functional needs of your product, we will also make sure your packaging design is attractive and appealing – truly something that will catch the consumer’s eye.

Choose from styles that include:

  • Hanged bi-fold locking
  • Custom-formed RF sealing
  • Tri-fold self-standing
  • Slid Clamshell

We are ready to assist you with your packaging needs. For more information or to discuss a concept for your product, contact us today.

MSL Package & Fulfillment will take your product from conceptual design and concept to finished functional package ready for the distribution channel. Contact us today!