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Packaging Designs for Club Stores

Blister Club Carton Packaging Design

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment began club store packaging in 2003 and continues to increase in knowledge base and service menu.

Our good reputation in this market is growing because we perform well when it comes to meeting multiple objectives such as buyer requirements, club store standards, strategic vendor selection, quick turn prototype, and meeting quick time-to-market deadlines.

Menu of Club Store Packaging Services:
  • Blister Packaging
  • Club Tray Design
  • Carton Assembly
  • Club Format POS Display Design
  • Corrugated POS / Metal Permanent Fixture
  • One-Sided, Two-Way, Three-Way, or Four-Way Shop POS Formats
  • Custom Litho Lamination Pallet Skirts
  • ISTA Pallet Lab Testing


The Differences

Club store packaging encompasses several different formats in packaging that caters to buyers’ request.  As club stores strive to increase market share, the push for innovative packaging ideas becomes a focus of consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to packaging-related issues such as material value, excessive waste, shelf presentation and innovative ideas. Club stores desire to respond to these demands while still meeting their own economical and time-to-market requirements.

A Greener Approach

MSL promotes the EcoLogical™ line of blister packaging which eliminates up to 85 percent of the plastics currently used in traditional clamshell designs. MSL also offers Enviroguard™ packaging which utilizes the latest in paper technology – offering the same benefits as a traditional club blister pack without the use of plastic or PVC.

Both lines of packaging are strong, attractive, economical and environmentally conscious and is favored by major retailers and supported by leading brands.