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Providing Environment Friendly Packaging

Many companies desire to reduce the negative impacts of retail good waste on the environment, but “going green” in the commercial product packaging world is not easy unless you have partners who share the same vision.

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment offers several lines of environment friendly packaging services, as well as our own “recycle and reuse” programs.


Traditional radio frequency (RF)-sealed plastic clamshells are a highly secured device for retailers to showcase their products with strong visual and form fitting representations.  This type of packaging became widely scrutinized due to the amount of plastic waste produced with its negative impacts on the environment.  In 2005 MSL began offering a more sustainable alternative to full RF-sealed plastic clamshells with our EcoLogical™ line of blister packaging, which eliminates up to 85 percent of the plastics currently used in traditional RF sealed clamshell designs.

EcoLogical™ packaging is strong, attractive, economical and environmentally conscious, and favored by several major retailers and leading brands.



enviromentally safe packagingIn 2011 MSL took the next step with environmentally conscious packaging options, eliminating 100 percent of the plastic from traditional blister packages by utilizing paper tray technology in combination with water based coated SBS paperboard.

This environmentally responsible design minimizes and even eliminates the use of plastic altogether by re

placing the plastic blister cavity with a form fitting ribbed paper tray.  This tray has endless forming capabilities and may be used in combination with a tear resistant lamination.


    • Eliminates printed inserts commonly associated with plastic clamshells
    • Reduces energy consumption by using little to no plastic / polymer material
    • Uses paperboard, a renewable resource as its primary raw material
    • Can be recycled for reuse in other manufactured items (tear-resistant paperboard may be recycled in programs that accept mixed materials packaging)
    • May reduce costs up to 35 percent over plastic material


EcoLogical™ is a registered trademark of Cardpak.  EnviroGuard™ is a registered trademark of Colbert Packaging.