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Retail Packaging and Cardboard Product Displays


  • Blister Packaging
  • Club Tray Design
  • Carton Assembly
  • Club Format POS Display Design
  • Corrugated POS / Metal Permanent Fixture
  • One-Sided, Two-Way, Three-Way, or Four-Way Shop POS Formats
  • Custom Litho Lamination Pallet Skirts
  • ISTA Pallet Lab Testing

It’s a fact: Point of sale (POS) consumer response is a direct result of a company’s retail packaging design and presentation.

Retailers may know this fact – but they often overlook a critical component of the process, which is the delivery system.

Efficient Delivery System

Each package is more than just a box to assemble or a bag to fill – it is an idea, a prototype, a series of components in inventory, a finished good which needs to be staged for logistics, and a final delivery date for a promotional on-sale.

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment offers a turn-key approach to retail packaging solutions to ensure clients are serviced from start to finish.

MSL offers a variety of creative packaging solutions for the retail packaging market to suitably fulfill the delivery systems required by the nation’s most successful product retailers and manufacturers.

Packaging Menu
    • Flexible Packaging – Utilizes a variety of flexible plastic based materials usually form fitting or pouch designs and typically loses its shape after opening.  Typically used for food packaging.
    • Rigid Packaging – Solid materials are converted into foldable shaped typical of multi panel cardboard boxes, cereal style cartons, SBS folding cartons, plastic trays and plastic cartons.  Commonly used in a wide range of wholesale and retail products including household goods, health and beauty, electronics.
    • Custom Packaging– Custom packaging techniques satisfy the requests of manufacturers and retailers to offer products that are differentiated from the competition. Custom packaging generally utilizes form fitting cavities or creative packaging designs to showcase products characteristics and brand recognition.
    • Environmental Packaging – Retailers are becoming increasingly aware of the impacts of excessive packaging waste and landfill overuse as well as the packages points of origin and extraction techniques.  MSL partners with environmentally conscious vendors offers multiple lines of packaging options to suit each client’s special requests.  Partially or 100 percent recycled paper or plastic products up to 100 percent sustainable paper blister style cartons.  (See EcoLogical™ and EnviroGuard™ packaging.)