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industrial warehouse

Accurate and Efficient Distribution Services


A strong supply chain must have strong links:

1.  Efficient package assembly

2.  Value-added service

3.  Accurate inventory reporting

4.  Direct customer fulfillment

These four links not only complete the chain, but are critical to the success and overall strength of the distribution and fulfillment initiative.

As product undergoes a change from raw components to a new finished good, traceability and accountability of inventory provides our clients with updated information specific to product builds and the status within the assembly process.

Bottom Line:
Excellent performance in distribution and fulfillment is only attainable with accurate and error free inventory management processes. 

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment offers a wide range of distribution and fulfillment services aimed at the accurate and efficient process of supplying finished goods and raw materials to an end user or secondary distribution center.


    • Transportation and Brokerage
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Just-In-Time Sequencing and Manufacturer Support
    • Light Manufacturing
    • Sub-Assembly
    • Warehouse Managed Inventory