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Unfinished automobiles in a car plant

Just-in-Time Outsourcing


Just-In-Time (JIT) is a process suppliers use to coordinate the assembly of specific parts/items on an as-needed basis, according to a specific order by a manufacturer.

Many plants have adopted a JIT manufacturing system, ordering parts and modules this way to reduce on-site inventory. This approach also allows greater flexibility for design and other changes, and creates a leaner manufacturing environment.

JIT manufacturing facilities often choose the advantages of utilizing an outsourced JIT partner to receive inbound bulk goods from a supplier, pick multiple bulk items to a specific order requirements, and transport the sequences products “just in time” to the manufacturing facility.


Benefits of JIT Outsourcing:

    • Reduction of on-site inventory
    • Lower production and labor costs
    • Reduction in fixed overhead
    • Ability to efficiently inspect or quarantine non-conforming
    • Balances over-stock and stock-outs


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