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Vendor Managed Inventory

We Can Meet Your Shipping Requests


Fulfillment warehouses obtain shipping requests through a variety of channels such as web-based application, customer invoice, a spreadsheet e-mailed directly to the warehouse, or an electronic data interchange (EDI) for high volume users.

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment offers a solution when your e-commerce business outgrows your start-up facility, or when time constraints limit your ability to effectively meet shipping requests. Our goal is to provide turnkey management of all aspects from design and materials procurement to final assembly and timely order fulfillment.


Outsourcing Advantages:

    • Inventory is stored offsite thus freeing up fixed overhead costs
    • On-line visibility of inventoried goods
    • Management of outbound orders fulfilled and shipment accountability
    • Return processing and documentation
    • Reduction in daily responsibilities related to the order fulfillment process
    • EDI capablability


MSL Packaging & Fulfillment can assist you with your contract packaging and order fulfillment needs –contact us today.