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carton design

Turnkey Folding Carton Design and Assembly

Carton design begins with shipper cartons that offer functionality and clear external markings for smooth transactions throughout the logistics process.

On the other side of the spectrum are retail cartons designed for marketing impact and ergonomic features pleasing to the consumer.

Although simple in nature, proper carton designs are critical to the successful fulfillment of a product from assembly line to end user. Miscalculation of carton parameters can lead to devastating consequences for bulk product shipments, resulting in damages and claims that may test even the most financially stable company’s ability to conform and react.

Proper initial design and testing within the parameters set forth by the distribution channel are critical to a manufacturers successful product launch.

Utilizing our partnerships, MSL Packaging & Fulfillment is able to offer full CAD layout design and testing to ensure products are packaged with the entire logistical chain in mind.


  • CAD Design and Preliminary Review
  • Product and Packaging Prototyping
  • Ease of Assembly (Is the carton efficient to assembly by the co-packager?)
  • Good Design (Does the design allow for a clear and concise message to be conveyed?)
  • Green Solutions (Are their environmental impacts that are important to the supply chain?)
  • Minimal Waste (Does the design maximize product protection and minimize unwanted waste and disposable costs?)
  • Locally Sourced Materials (Local materials mean improved turn time and cost efficiency.)
  • Point of Sale Display Design / POS Package Integration