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A Logistics Solution to Crisis Management


A crisis is defined as an unstable situation of extreme difficulty.

Crisis management involves identifying a crisis, planning a response to it, and confronting and resolving the crisis in a manner that is cost effective. The circumstances and the customer’s expectations must also be factored in.

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment was founded on a basis of crisis management. Our initial focus was time sensitive and expedited needs of the automotive manufacturing industry.  We understand how to properly address the highest priority services in combination with the most time constraining timeframes. This is a time when you need a partner with service teams who are trained to remain focused to achieve the overall goal.

We can provide that logistical expertise, detailed coordination and on-demand team labor necessary to turn crisis into completion.


Crisis Management Services:

    • Large Scale / Minimal Lead Time Programs
    • ‘Hot Rush’ and ‘Priority’ Project Production Scheduling
    • On-Call 24 Hour / 7 Day Operational Availability
    • On-Site Action Team, Inspection Labor, Containment
    • Priority Assembly, Product Launch, Deadline Attainment
    • Logistical Coordination, Expedited Shipping, Team Services, Hot Shot
    • Short Term Warehousing Needs, Cross-Dock Inspection
    • Production Line Shut Down, JIT Parts Inspection and Delivery


Efficient coordination and response to a crisis can be the difference between successfully attaining a deadline and drastically affecting a company’s bottom line.

The MSL crisis management model makes it possible to coordinate large scale packaging and logistics projects which require immediate management, labor, space and equipment to resolve the situation.

If you have questions, require additional information or are experiencing a situation that requires crisis management, contact us using the link or number listed below:




1-888-MSL-INDY (675-4638), option #1