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Inspection and Containment: Location Matters


MSL Packaging & Fulfillment has been providing unparalleled inspection and containment services since 2003. Our success in this area is due to an ability to provide logistical coordination with time-sensitive turnaround in a cost effective manner.

MSL’s inspection and containment program combines experienced crisis management, equipment resources, skilled personnel, data management and reporting, and flexible warehousing space to ensure each project is completed on time and to client specifications.

MSL facilities are strategically located within 600 miles of 65 percent of the population of the United States by ground and air, allowing for efficient and economical transportation of goods.


Inspection and Containment Services:

    • Inbound / Outbound Logistics Management and Coordination
    • Transportation and Freight Billing
    • Warehouse Management / Inventory Tracking
    • Quality Inspection, Compliance, Sorting, Rework, Repackaging, Visual
    • Returns Processing and Refurbishment
    • Product Isolation, Lot Separation, Expiration Inspection, Containment
    • Full Service Warehouse Facility, Order Fulfillment, Order Processing


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