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Flexible Labor Allows Cost Effective Production

Since the beginning MSL Packaging & Fulfillment has operated using full time core employees who work in conjunction with flexible labor for contract packaging, assembly and distribution services.

Our partnerships ensure we have the resources required to respond quickly and efficiently to immediate labor fluctuations in both demand and complexity of contract packaging and assembly projects.

MSL can assist with your most challenging project requirements, improving your product’s time-to-market by utilizing our trained and experienced full-time staff and flexible labor pool with 24 hour shift capabilities.

On-site services include flexible workforce availability for temporary on-site projects that require temporary labor in combination with managerial staff, operations managers, and in many situations specialized equipment and equipment operators.

Logistical challenges may purpose a situational response that is more economical for MSL to bring our own equipment and workforce to you as opposed to shipping your product to us.

Crisis management projects that have time restrictions by the minute may be more beneficial for MSL to operate in our client’s facilities as opposed to our clients shipping to MSL saving valuable time and dollars.

For solutions to your on-site or temporary staffing needs, contact MSL Packaging & Fulfillment today.