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Cost Effective and Timely Rework Repackaging Services


Manufacturers and retailers are often faced with the task of reworking and/or repackaging products that currently exist as finished or partially finished goods.  The need may arise for several reasons, including changes in marketing efforts, alterations to product specifications, component add-ons, new product codes, returns refurbishment, and quality inspections.

Reworking and repackaging requires a variety of steps and procedures, and this can be a costly endeavor, with a heavy drain on the bottom line. However, with the expertise of MSL Packaging & Fulfillment this process can transform a previously unusable or non-compliant product into a finished good ready for the retail point of sale environment – all in a cost-effective manner.

Menu of Repackaging Services:

  • Repackaging – Changing final packaging from one format to another
  • Rework – Changing the nature or specifications of a product
  • Relabeling – Adjustments to SKU’s, product code, lot code, artwork
  • Label cover ups – Correct errors to print with label cover up
  • Component add-on’s – Add items that may be noncompliant or missed in the initial manufacturing or assembly process
  • Returns processing – Returns from distribution channel or direct from consumer reporting
  • Product Recall – Establishment of a return’s location, credit reporting, sorting, and SKU reporting. Large scale / square footage  / high volume returns
  • Quality inspection – Compliance inspection, Go/No Go Inspection


MSL Packaging & Fulfillment has the experience and flexibility to undertake complex product repackaging programs even under the most demanding time-frames to convert your product into a format that is necessary to protect the product value and usability.