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Barcode reading

One Stop for UPC and Bar Code Design


MSL Packaging & Fulfillment utilizes a variety of bar code printers capable of formats from 1” to 6” wide, accommodating low quantity to high volume needs.

We design all types of labels, from those requiring only simple bar codes to advanced lot traceability formats which are required by major retails and Tier 1 Automotive suppliers.

MSL can also print and supply each label to the client’s specific volumes for in-house application or customer distribution.

These include:

  • Barcode A.N.S.I Verified.  Multi Format
  • EAN-UCC, Data Matrix, PDF-417
  • Maxicode, Micro PDF, Aztec
  • Lot Code, Custom Product Info, Shipping Labels


More Custom Label Products

MSL Packaging & Fulfillment also designs and supplies a variety of custom product labels beyond the bar-code.  From complex UPC bar codes to point of sale retail product labels, MSL Packaging & Fulfillment is able to accommodate the most complex of label design and application requests.

These include:

  • Full Color – Full color process printed in any size or shape
  • Spot Color – Print up top 7 spot colors on many materials
  • Clear Labels – Custom printed on clear film to see through or blend in with the background
  • Paper Labels – Variety of paper finishes (coated, glossy, litho, fluorescent) custom printed
  • Adhesive Labels – From permanent to removable
  • Waterproof Labels – Polyester and other films printed for outdoor use
  • Foil Labels – Silver or gold foil papers and custom printed films
  • White Film Labels – Durable white film labels
  • Silver Film – Silver polyester with bright or matte finishes
  • Thermal Transfer – Multi color options Zebra printed through ribbon
  • Direct Thermal – Heat activated paper printed without ribbon
  • Piggyback Labels – Labels with layers of adhesives and materials
  • Coupons – Peel off top – Redeemable coupons