Value Added

When you need more than simple warehousing, MSL steps and with the knowledge and expertise to get the job done.


Whether it’s contract packaging, POS assembly, repackaging, kitting, or any of our other value added services, we get it done on-time, every time.


Our commitment to be on-time, every time, is put into action by constantly tweaking processes to increase efficiency within a continuous improvement framework.


MSL understands that speed is worthless if the end results are wrong, whether it’s inventory management, contract packaging, POS assembly, or fulfillment.


MSL is a logistics solutions provider that helps optimize client supply chains. We do this by delivering on Value, Timing, Efficiency, and Accuracy for each and every client. Our team has decades of combined experience we leverage into successful client outcomes that eliminate risk and exceed expectations. We work with every client as a trusted partner to understand what’s needed and how we can make it happen. 


In 2003 MSL Packaging & Fulfillment established itself as a logistics-focused, turnkey contract copackaging company that delivers successful outcomes on-time, every time—even in the most demanding and time-sensitive environments. Specializing in labor-intensive assembly and contract packaging have been core competencies from the start, supported by a client-centered commitment to superior inventory management and logistics support.

The MSL team is composed of professionals who fully grasp the complexity of assembly services, the importance of accurate inventory management, and the need for optimal efficiency logistical coordination. Our combined decades of knowledge and expertise is what closes the gap between distribution services and contract packaging to streamline the supply chain seamlessly integrate all the primary managed components.

 Our corporate culture is one focused on leveraging key relationships and deep expertise to achieve logistical excellence and unfailing reliability in all we do.

Quality Logistic Services

Here’s a scenario we’ve seen time and time again, and it’s a big part of what motivated the founding of MSL: A company decides to run a special promotion that involves a buy-one-get-one-free or at a reduced price offering, or a buy-two-different-products-together at a special discount, or some other combination deal. But when they turn to their current warehousing and fulfillment provider to have them package these products from inventory together for distribution, they simply aren’t set up to do it! From day one, MSL has been about the kinds of innovative value-added services companies need to solve these kinds of supply chain challenges.

Value Add

More than basic warehousing and distribution

Always Improving

Dedicated to continuous improvement

Trusted in the Industry

Collaboration and trust

There in a Pinch

Available in Crisis Management

A Winning Combination

Superior technologies, experienced professionals


More than basic warehousing and distribution: MSL solves the logistics problems that plague your supply chain with the value-added services you need.
Dedicated to continuous improvement: You need a true partner always looking for ways to achieve new levels of efficiency and accuracy—that’s our commitment to every client.
Collaboration and trust: Our approach is to achieve a full understanding of your needs and expectations so we can do more than just meet them—we’ll exceed them.
Crisis management: When you’re faced with a supply chain snafu or crisis situation that feels impossible, call MSL. We excel at rapid deployment and tight schedules.
A winning combination: What distinguishes MSL from the competition? Our superior technologies, a team of experienced professionals dedicated to excellence, and the flexibility to quickly adapt our processes to meet new and unique challenges.
IBJ Fast25 2020
Member of International Warehouse Logistics Association


MSL COPACK + ECOMM was recently named by the Indianapolis Business Journal as one of the 25 Fastest Growing Companies for 2020!  Our CEO, Jeremey Bunce, was interviewed.

From the IBJ:

“Jeremy Bunce might be the happiest of all the people who made the Fast 25 this year. His company, which does packaging and order fulfillment, survived the Great Recession, moves to a half-dozen facilities, the loss of a major client, and disputes with Bunce’s partners over the future of the business. “I felt the company still had growth potential,” he said. “We were 10 years in business and I still had a vision.” By 2017, he had bought out the last of his partners, invested his own capital and redefined the company.”

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Jeremey Bunce, CEO
Jeremey Bunce, CEO