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MSL’s goal is to create a seamless transition from initial design to delivered product.   POS display designs specific to the retailer’s needs may be simple in nature and complex in reality.  Choose the right partner for your needs whether it involves the assembly of client-designed materials or full-service end-to-end design and implementation.  If you’re going to make the most of your point of sale packaging and displays campaign, call MSL Copack + Ecomm @  (888) 675-4639 to discuss how we may successfully manage your project.

Focusing On What Matters for Retail POS / POP Packaging and Displays

Successful POS display programs begin with a clear understanding of the retailer’s needs and a solid plan of execution.

  • Where does the retailer want to merchandise the product?
  • What are the specifics and criteria for the space?
  • When does the retailer want delivery of the finished display?
  • What is your ROI to justify the added expense?

With well-designed creative packaging and displays, sales of your product get a boost, brand awareness increases, and the retail stores carrying your products see you as a valued partner. We take into account the real estate a store is willing to give your company’s products and displays, along with any specific design requirements they spell out for various types of packaging and displays when we design with you.


Whether a small counter top display or a complex multi-format / multi step end cap, MSL will ensure all aspects of the process are a success.  We work with your graphics team to ensure your brand artwork is presented on a proper canvas to the retailer specifications and delivered on the date required.

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Types of Packaging and Displays for POS / POP

While there’s a vast variety in POS packaging and POP display options, MSL operates knowing that there are common categories, including the following:

Countertop and PDQ Display:

This type of display can be produced in a wide range of size, primarily with a smaller footprint in order to sit on a counter near the checkout area; or, on a shelf with enough headroom for the lid to be upright and serve as a display header.

Floor Displays:

The base combined with product trays can be delivered flat and easily assembled in-store or delivered fully assembled. This is where creativity in physical design offers the highest visual impact in combination with a sturdy and structurally sound base.

Pallet and Modular Displays:

These are excellent standalone displays that come fully assembled on pallets for in-aisle or aisle end cap placement, including power wings (sidekick displays that hang on the sides of an end cap display). Pallet display designs vary based upon location and shopability. Face (single side) shoppable, two sided, three sided, or four way displays all have very detailed criteria to ensure that the retailer is satisfied and the end consumer purchases your goods.

Shelf-Shipper Displays:

Some retailers are very appreciative of a simpler approach to merchandising. All they have to do is remove the lid from the box in which the products were shipped and put it on the shelf. This style is designed to display the product with easy access for shoppers with minimal external protective packaging. This is especially the case with club stores, discount stores, and warehouse stores. 

Retail Store Chains MSL has Distributed to (B2B RETAIL DISTRIBUTION)

Packaging and display design, engineering, assembly are all equally important aspects to a successful display campaign however final distribution of product to the end recipient is absolutely critical. All categories of service require excellence of execution play significant roles in successfully raising the in-store visibility and ultimately sales and reorders of products. MSL produces high-quality point-of-sale packaging components and point-of-purchase displays for products placed in a wide range of retail stores, including the following:

When you want to promote your products in these retail environments, innovative  POS packaging and structurally sound POP displays ensure the best results at the retailer.  Experience the MSL Difference.

Point of Sale Packaging and Displays in Club Stores

MSL successfully designs, manufactures, assembles and distributes POS packaging & displays to the three largest club store brands in US and Canada.  We have extensive and proven  expertise in the club store arena wich involves a unique set of considerations and requirements different from other types of retail stores. Learn more about our Club Store Packaging and Display Services. Custom printed POS packaging and displays for regular retail outlet chains across the USA do have to conform to each store’s requirements. MSL can meet those requirements to ensure your products not only pass the test of quality, but also of time and expectation. Whether outbound orders are a simple FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or complex SAP / Retail EDI B2B Integrations, MSL has a solution for your program needs.

Additional Logistics as a Value-Added Service

MSL is the last pre-retail handler your products will need. Once project implementation  and assembly are complete, it is time to prepare the goods for retail purchase order fulfillment.  MSL systems process orders and the outbound distribution of your products and displays to retail outlets.  MSL provides full RF Scan WMS (Warehouse Management System) inventory management, and order fulfillment (B2B, B2C, D2C, Retail EDI, Commerce Hub, Marketplace, Shopping Cart API, OmniChannel Distribution). Using our state-of-the-art contract assembly and supply chain management software to manage your project from start to finish, MSL will assemble and deliver your products and displays to the end retailer when faced with the strictest of deadlines. And accomplish this for our clients as cost-effectively as possible with pricing viewed as a strategic value for our clients. Call us at (888) 675-4639 to start a conversation about your point-of-sale packaging and display needs.  Experience the MSL Difference.

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