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MSL clients and brand owners are serviced by proven industry professionals.
All MSL Client Success Team CSRs are experts in brand management and supply chain services with a keen understanding. Our experts lead the way for a smooth transition and onboarding of every new client program and can assist with any questions or concerns that may arise. MSL Client Success Team specializes in multiple industries, including Health and Beauty, Publishing, Retail Consumer Goods & Food and Beverage. This industry knowledge, paired with expertise in logistics 3PL fulfillment sets MSL Copack + Ecomm apart from our competition.

We understand the frustration of speaking to multiple people when trying to resolve a single issue or answer a question. This is why we provide a singular point of contact for any CSR needs you have. We are dedicated professionals ready to serve you in the ways you need. Our CSRs typically handle two or three clients at a time, which allows them to focus as much time and energy on your brand as you need. At MSL, we strive for a simplified flow of communication to obtain accurate and timely information critical for program success.

Our employee retention demonstrates our quality as a service provider and employer. We have a low turnover, which means your brand will benefit from stable and consistent knowledge through satisfied long-term employees.

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Health and Beauty

MSL COPACK + ECOMM touches on various health and beauty brands. From white-board design services to complete packaging and fulfillment services, your brand is presented in an appealing way to all retail buyers and consumers alike. This includes products destined for the in-store retail sector and products meant for the eCommerce fulfillment direct to the consumer.

There are also several point-of-sale types that MSL services. The health and beauty industry includes salons, specialized retailers, mass markets, and direct consumers (D2C). We ensure that your products are available in each specialized format regardless of the end-user, delivery system, scope, or scale.

Successful brands already understand that packaging formats differ depending on where the product is destined. For instance, Mass retail packaging is structured differently from a salon, and both will look different than e-commerce D2C packaging. MSL helps design the package format as visually appealing, structurally sound, cost-conscious, and user-friendly based on where the product is being shipped and how it is being handled.

  • Package design
  • Salon support
  • Multi-Packaging / Combo Packaging
  • Buy One Get One
  • Multi unit shrink packaging
  • SBS and RSC carton assembly
  • Custom labeling / relabeling / recartoning
  • E-Commerce Fulfillment

MSL has an acute eye for detail for package quality and appearance. We strive to ensure all items that leave our facility to arrive in pristine condition as expected from the retailer and consumer. In the event of a non-conformance from the manufacturer, MSL offers additional services to aid in the efficient and seamless reworking of a brand’s product. These services may include label correction, relabeling, repackaging, visual inspection, and product testing through UL-certified laboratories.

We are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified, a label put into place by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recognize facilities that take exceptional care of their products. We strive to adhere to the high-quality standards set by GMP certification so that both you and your consumers are satisfied with the final product.

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MSL COPACK + ECOMM deals in various formats of numerous high-volume point-of-sale (POS) displays. These include:

  • Full palette
  • Half palette
  • Sidekicks
  • Counter displays
  • End-caps
  • Aisle displays
  • Single, double, three, and four side shoppable displays
  • Club store format

We tailor our services to accommodate all major retail and club merchant formats.

While the health and beauty industry deals in a high amount of relabeling, the publishing industry deals greatly in custom labeling. At MSL, we provide this flexible service to meet industry-specific needs and strengthen your business campaign to sell your products and represent your brand.

Retail Consumer Goods

MSL understands the importance of packaging when selling products to customers. The products must be securely displayed and properly presented to the consumer. We offer custom packaging services that assist brands in designing the perfect package for the consumer. This keeps your product safe and well-maintained while also ensuring that it is visually appealing and will entice the consumer to purchase. MSL offers the brand’s marketing material art file platform to match each brand’s message to the consumer.

In addition, MSL offers custom and promotional kitting services so that your products and their various components can be efficiently packaged together per the brands and buyers’ requests. MSL has the systems and expertise to launch a successful campaign, whether the format is Buy One Get One (BOGO), bonus packs, mixed products, holiday, or seasonal special promotions.

MSL’s range of assembly services combined with multi-channel distribution expertise ensures that your brand’s products benefit from single-source / multi-format programs.

  • Promotional and multi-sku packaging
  • Shrink wrap / over wrap / bundle packaging
  • Bonus on-packs
  • Holiday demand and seasonal programs
  • Date sensitive new product launch
  • Retail EDI / SAP / SPS

Food & Beverage

MSL food and beverage services allow for system-driven, lot code traceable repackaging or primary manufactured goods into a secondary promotional format. Though unique challenges arise with the packaging, shipping, and handling of food and beverage products, MSL has the employee expertise and quality systems to ensure success. An industry leader in operational safety and quality, your brand’s products will be delivered to the retail merchant or consumer with utmost care and visual appeal.

MSL provides numerous promotional formats, bundles, and kits for food and beverage products. Some of these ideas include:

  • Multi-packed cartons, cases, combo kits
  • Floor ready POS displays
  • Buy One, Get One (BOGO) bonus packs
  • Rainbow pack, mixed flavor
  • Shrink bundling (bullseye supported shrink) services
  • Unsupported multi-pack side seal shrink wrap
  • Print-registered and promotional shrink film
  • Special release/holiday promotional kits

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