contract packaging

Contract Packaging

contract packaging

When it’s time to enter a  product into the market or into the hands of a consumer, whether it’s a new product design, a unique promotional product, shrink wrap, or multiple products bundled together, package specifications and quality are critical. Equally as important, the finished good has to be delivered to its final destination, whether that’s a retail store (B2B) or direct to the customer (D2C). Many businesses choose to outsource these specialized services with a single source provider of secondary contract packaging, inventory management and fulfillment. MSL Copack-Ecomm’s extensive experience is in providing custom contract packaging (copack) & order fulfillment (e-comm) services to meet your needs. Call us at (888) 675-4639 to discuss your current contract packing needs and how MSL can customize a solution for you.

Your Contract Packaging Needs to be Handled from Start to Finish

Packaging design must include superior structural design packaged to each clients specifications to ensure the product is protected and your brand is promoted. Quality of design, execution of the build and deadline attainment are critical elements in the success of an outsourced campaign. MSL prides itself on program quality, flexibility of services, and system excellence that meet the most demanding timeframes. We accomplish this leveraging our team’s depth of expertise and technologically advanced solutions for process management. Competitive services are viewed as a value to our clients.

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What the Right Contract Packaging Partner Can Do for You

Outsourcing contract packaging & assembly services requires an understanding of the Copack partners depth of offerings. Flexibility, volume variables and overall capabilities that suit each partner’s specific needs must all be considered when choosing the appropriate repackaging operation.

The MSL Difference approach to secondary contract packaging & assembly excellence focuses on the following aspects:


Excellence in data management and BOM (Bill of Material) inventory accuracy through Nulogy PackManager.


Inventory accuracy and component traceability throughout our full scan facility.


Exceeding quality assurance standards enhanced with digital QC logs for Bill Of Material consumption.


Real-time inventory consumption, reconciliation, and finished good reporting.


Aligned with client schedule and deadline attainment for efficient inbound / outbound of products.


Integrated supply chain logistics, Retail EDI, B2B, D2C, SAP, SPS / Commerce Hub.


Cost-effective services viewed as a strategic advantage and value.


Strategic Indianapolis / MidWestern Location.


Deep understanding of interrelated packaging components and the process of successful assembly.

Our core values in any packaging partnership include flexibility, accuracy, reliability, information, and process. We apply these values and core competencies to every product, every project, every time.

The Art and Science of Secondary Contract Packaging & Promotional Assembly Services

The business of contract packaging & assembly work is a delicate balance between an art and a science. Innovation through technology ensures inventory accuracy and data collection for analysis of each program. This technology lays the groundwork and basis of operational success which has become an artform in its own. Experience and a keen eye for detail are critical in the pursuit of excellence in execution and a satisfied client.

MSL specializes in following contract packaging and assembly services:

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Contract Packaging Partner

The advantage of working with MSL COPACK + ECOMM is the range of services we provide in addition to our contract packaging service. MSL can streamline the assembly and fulfillment process providing a range of integrated services, including the following:

Secondary Contract Packaging & Assembly Services
3PL Inventory Management powered by Veracore WMS
Retail Distribution and B2B Retail EDI / SPS Commerce
Ecommerce Fulfillment, Shopping Cart API, Marketplace, Commerce Hub Integration, B2C / D2C
Local Private Fleet Transportation

As your contract packaging partner, MSL serves as an extension of your company. We provide the trained and experienced flexible workforce, modern technology & equipment, strategic location, and industry expertise for unmatched program success. The combination of these factors allows MSL to present a thorough and detailed quotation, design, execute and deliver our clients products to the end retailer or user. Our experience, knowledge, capabilities, industry relations, and rigorous quality standards are what our many satisfied clients highlight about working with MSL.

MSL clients range from niche retail goods & small private labels to large multinational brand owners. MSL industries served include healthcare, cosmetics and personal care, electronics and media, household goods, hardware, food & beverage, and many others. Each unique client regardless of size experiences the same expertise and detailed process to ensure the overall success of the campaign.