Club Store Packaging

Club Store Packaging Services by MSL COPACK + ECOMM: Unlocking Success in the Retail Club Store Market

At MSL COPACK + ECOMM, we specialize in Club Store Packaging Services tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of the club store retail environment. Our comprehensive packaging solutions are designed to help your products stand out on the shelves of club stores, maximize their visibility, and ultimately boost your sales in this competitive retail landscape.

There are a number of standards and requirements to consider when a club store wants to include a product in its outlet. When a club store chain orders 600 pallet displays or 30,000 units of your product packaged and ready to display according to their specifications, in a very narrow timeline, and you have to be able to meet the need. To coordinate a major POS display initiative requires:

MSL’s core business model is designed to address these complex requirements and why we have been awarded as the preferred strategic partner for many major brands.  MSL has your organization supported from beginning to end for POS Display projects.


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Why Club Store Packaging is Different

When you need product packaging that meets club store requirements, MSL is ready to help. Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and Sam’s Club offer “value items” to their members in many different ways.  Bulk items are not necessarily a focus as in the early days of club membership.  Each Club strives to have their members receive a “deal” not available from the competition.  This “deal” has evolved into a format specific to the Club Stores.

Club Store POS display formats may require multi-format packaging services prior to actual POS display assembly.  Full turn key POS Displays may also involve:

While the intention is to offer products at a lower “per unit” cost, the added promotional requirements can be a challenge for some brand owners to absorb. We excel at meeting tight timeframes for club store packaging and display requirements at a competitive cost viewed as a strategic advantage to our clients.

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Kitting, Bundling, and Assembly: What These Terms Mean at MSL

At MSL, we know trial runs are some of the most important times to deliver. The club store chains will start your company off with a trial run of placing your products in limited quantities at some of their stores to see how they do over the course of a couple of months. They’re going to judge your company on timeliness, retail readiness, sustainability, responsiveness, ability to scale, and sales. Meeting the needs and requirements of the club store world is something we take seriously.

Most club stores operate on a just-in-time (JIT) delivery model. They want your products when they want them, not too soon and certainly not late. If your product deliveries are anything other than on-time according to their deadline, you run the risk of losing out on prime retail space and placement.

Club stores want minimal packaging because it means a lower cost to acquire your products. Minimal packaging is generally seen as more sustainable packaging, not because it’s “green” per se but because the less of it there is, the better. Excess packaging is frowned upon in the club store environment.

Your products must arrive ready for retail display. Club stores do not want to spend valuable labor resources on setting up your displays. The design of packaging must incorporate the display as well and needs to come with no or absolutely minimal setup time.

How quickly can changes to the product packaging and display be made? During your club store trial run, the chain may want to experiment with different promotional ideas, such as switching from display in aisles to an aisle end cap or even different color schemes and other features of the packaging.

If you make it through the trial period, the volume requested by the club store chain is going to increase dramatically. You want to be sure you’re ready to meet the challenge, or you could lose your newly acquired status as a preferred partner. And once again, this could come with additional changes and customization of your product packaging and displays.

Changes could be requested at any time. Delivery deadlines might get tighter. The ability to respond quickly and adapt your packaging and display of products could be the deciding factor between a long-term relationship or a short-lived experiment. That’s why MSL is flexible and uses rapid-response problem solving to get the desired end result as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Packaging and Display Requirements of Different Club Stores

When we evaluate the major players in the club store scene, we know each is particular in their needs. We’ve designed our capabilities at MSL to meet them all—from design, production, fulfillment, and delivery to the stores. While all retail outlets are going to have some requirements around packaging, the club store model takes those requirements to a new level, and we know they tend to be strict about them.

This well-known club store chain operates on a very tight delivery schedule. They move items from their depots to their 790+ stores the same day the products arrive at the depot. That kind of rapid movement means your products will likely be handled somewhat roughly, so durable packaging displays are essential. If there is a customer tray involved, it must be both practical and beneficial to pass muster.

This one requires liability insurance coverage on every item, so that needs to be a top priority for your company. Packaging and POS Display prep to one of 600+ stores must be able to withstand rigorous handling through the shipping process. They also have a more intense focus on sustainable packaging that needs to be kept in mind. Reduction of plastic scrap and waste can be seen in our formed paper packaging options for single use solutions.

While not significantly different from Costco or Sam’s Club in most respects, BJ’s  is especially strict about particular types of packaging, the use of any kind of PDQ tray, and meeting FDA food packaging requirements. You don’t need to know all these details, but your packaging and display service provider do. At 200+ stores in 17  Eastern US states BJ’s orders may be strategically and efficiently distributed from Indianapolis, IN.

Packaging Design Considerations and Opportunities for Club Stores

When you partner with MSL, we focus on the entire client experience. The design challenges of meeting club store packaging and display requirements are significant, all the while minimizing the overall amount of packaging as much as possible—the core of the club store business model. As your partner, here’s what we consider:


This is where the real design challenge comes in. You want to minimize the amount of packaging to meet expectations for sustainable packaging, but you also need to make the best use of it for branding and marketing purposes, all the while ensuring it is durable as well. Club store packaging has to do some heavy-duty multitasking.


Each club store is going to have distinct safety requirements. With MSL as a partner, we’ll make sure your display doesn’t fall apart.


Graphic design is a critical aspect of club store packaging and display. It has to entice shoppers to purchase your products. When product displays are meant to be stacked, there is an opportunity to turn the assembly into a kind of billboard for branding and marketing purposes through clever packaging design on all sides of the display. MSL designs ensure your marketing and graphics initiative has the proper real estate to display the brand’s message.

MSL: Meeting the Logistical Challenges of Club Store Packaging

Point-of-purchase displays for the club store environment must be designed carefully to meet their preferred requirements and ensure the brands are delivered in excellent shape for retail sales. Deadlines are incredible tight, and requirements must be met to avoid costly chargebacks and missed opportunities. Responsiveness is the key to showing your viability as a long-term partner at club stores. Call MSL at (888) 675-4639 when you need a partner with the packaging and display capabilities and expertise to make your products shine in the club store spotlight. Experience the MSL Difference

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Club Store Packaging by MSL COPACK + ECOMM

Club Store Packaging refers to packaging solutions designed specifically for products sold in club stores, warehouse clubs, and bulk retailers. These retailers typically have unique requirements and preferences when it comes to packaging, and Club Store Packaging aims to meet those needs.

Club Store Packaging is suitable for a variety of products, especially those sold in bulk quantities. This includes food products, beverages, personal care items, household goods, and more. It's designed to make products stand out on club store shelves and e-commerce platforms.

Club Store Packaging often includes features like larger sizes, multi-packs, easy-to-read labeling, and sturdy, stackable designs. These features are tailored to the needs of club store customers and e-commerce shoppers.

Yes, MSL COPACK + ECOMM offers customization services to meet the unique requirements of your product. They can design packaging that suits the size, shape, and branding of your product.

Club Store Packaging typically involves larger sizes, bulk quantities, and packaging that is optimized for efficient storage and display in club store environments. It's also designed to attract the attention of customers and provide essential product information.

MSL COPACK + ECOMM offers eco-friendly packaging solutions. These can include recyclable materials, reduced plastic usage, and sustainable design options to minimize environmental impact.

Yes, MSL COPACK + ECOMM often provides end-to-end packaging solutions, including design, production, and even distribution services. They can work with you to develop packaging that suits your product and brand.

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