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There are several different shipping methods that you can use, like freight, rail, air, and other road shipments. The shipping process has numerous steps involved in it. As a premium logistics and supply chain solution provider, we aim to support you through every step of this process, from beginning to end.

This chain of delivery begins with the pick. Based on a provided shipping list, we obtain products from your facility and load them into our trucks for shipment to their next destination. If need be, MSL COPACK + ECOMM also provide packing services to assemble and prepare your products for distribution. The demand for manufacturing is tough, so we take that demand off of you by completing the final steps of the distribution process. This includes last-mile delivery and acting as a freight forwarder for international shipping.

Using MSL as a shipper for local domestic distribution is a key strategic approach to handling your business. You can be sure that we take the utmost care of your products and package them safely and efficiently for you and your customers. Finally, we deliver the truckload to their designated location, whether another warehouse facility, a retail store, or directly to the consumer.

Drop Trailer Services

In some cases, MSL does not need to be involved in the entire process. You may need us to transport products from one facility to another. We provide drop trailer services for these cases. We pick up your products from the initial facility and transport them to their next location. Then, we secure the products at the next facility and leave them there, fully prepared, for their next handler. The products are moved to where they need to be, ready to go once the next driver arrives. There is no need for you to engage in this extra travel when we can do it for you.

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As you are probably aware, logistics and shipping can be complicated and expensive. Outsourcing your inventory to third-party logistics like MSL COPACK + ECOMM eliminates this extra stress. We save you money by offering our services as a low-cost solution to this necessary process. MSL expedites shipping by eliminating extra players. We always perform our job duties in a timely and efficient manner. Your business wallet will be thanking us as well.

You will see numerous benefits to involving another party in your supply chain management. Additional regulation of the product is essential for business growth and consumer procurement. With an extra set of eyes on your inventory, it is guaranteed to increase visibility among prospective customers. We offer excellent customer service at a low price.

Whether you need us for the whole shipping process, or just one part of it, MSL provides essential services for smooth operation. We work with everyone from small companies centered around the local area to Fortune 500 companies, and we also offer same-day delivery of the same quality.


The key to any successful business operation is flexibility. MSL understands this principle, and we ensure that our services meet your select needs. We can customize a logistics solution to serve your business best. Our company is the best B2B transit on the market. We work with a variety of materials and have the ability to deliver to various storage facilities to assist in the continuous improvement of your business.

In addition to the flexibility in services, we also work with many different technologies to ensure that our company is constantly adapting to the best customer service methods. Technology is important to the operation of any business, and the ability to adapt to its use is essential. Data back this up, and we have been using this to become one of the leading domestic transportation companies available.

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading require extreme care to transport products efficiently without damaging any goods. Our team of experts is prepared to coordinate the transfer of your products into our truck. Our employees load the trucks so that you do not need to take the extra time away from your business. We assist in transferring the way that you need us to, specifically. We are flexible with these steps, and our employees can provide whatever level of help you need to get your product from point A to point B. You can also trust that your products will be safe and well-managed as we unload them at their destination.

Contract Packaging

Our contract packaging services at MSL COPACK + ECOMM are the key to successful transport. This is where the Copack in our names comes from. Our personalized contract packaging services span a wide range of activities. We developed these services with the needs of various companies in mind. There are many different types of contract packaging services we have available. Like our other services, these are customizable to your needs. Regardless of how you need the packaging of your product, we can accommodate you. Then, once we have successfully packaged all of your products, we arrange the transport for you. MSL is the ideal consultant for packing goods.

Coordination with Transportation Leg

Many businesses are forced to engage with multiple contractors to coordinate proper transportation for their products. Unfortunately, the more contractors you get involved with your business, the more money you have to spend. One great feature of MSL is that we are all-encompassing. By providing every service you need, we can make this process much easier and less expensive. Once the products are ready for shipment, we coordinate the transportation leg to ensure that your goods reach their final destination safely. MSL can forecast the best trucking option to get your parts safely to their destination.

Elimination of External Coordinators

As you can tell, there are numerous benefits to eliminating external coordination. The process that we have is more streamlined than what you would find in the rest of the logistics industry. We provide services from start to finish to ensure that your products are handled with care and get to where they need to be. MSL has a cold chain available for food and other materials that may need it.


MSL delivers your products directly to the people who use them, whether a retail store or the consumer themselves. We fully prepare your product for distribution to be shipped directly to the end-user, the person meant to use the product at the end of the chain. When we transport products, we deliver them with the insurance that no additional preparation is required. We supply truckloads to various end-users. For instance, we can ship truckloads to Walmart and the clients’ PC. We can also supply directly to the consumer, where the Ecomm part of our names comes from.

In addition, MSL provides warehouse to warehouse coordination in instances where our client does not want us delivering directly to the consumer or retail facility. We specialize in local services. However, this does not prevent us from assisting you in shipping your products long distances. If you need us to deliver to another warehouse for further shipping, we can do so.

Direct to Consumer (D2C)

One of our main specialties is our eCommerce fulfillment division. This is our company’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) division that greatly benefits you and your customers. This activity is streamlined and much more efficient by taking out the middleman. This means quick shipping and happiness, frequently buying customers, and it also means that you will fulfill more orders, thereby increasing your supply chain abilities and revenue for your business.

One Call Coordinated Effort

We are an essential partner for your business. All it takes is one phone call to begin outsourcing services with MSL. We strive to make this an easy process for you, and unlike much of the third-party logistics industry, we do not expect you to make multiple phone calls to arrange these services. Because we provide all of the integrated services you need, we can coordinate them ourselves. Make the decision to call us today at 1-888-675-4639 to arrange carrier services for your products.

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